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An entire floor of the hospital is dedicated to a Cardiac Centre of Excellence. In a highly sophisticated and hi-tech environment.
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An entire floor of the hospital is dedicated to a Cardiac Centre of Excellence. In a highly sophisticated and hi-tech environment.

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Ante-Natal Clinic


Mommy Bear & Baby Ante-Natal Clinic

Contact Sister Chantal Huggins on 079 515 6058

Ethekwini Hospital’s Ante-Natal Clinic provides the resources for Moms-to-be to find out everything they need to know about the birth process and early parenting. Run by Sister Chantal Huggins, a midwife with decades of experience, the clinic aims to take the fear and uncertainty out of the labour process.

According to Sr Huggins, “Welcoming your new baby to the world should be a beautiful and moving event. It can be a wonderful experience if the mother is well prepared and the medical staff are fully equipped to deal with any eventuality.” In addition to the classes, EHHC's midwives provide their cell phone numbers to expectant Moms for any questions they may have at any time during their pregnancy.

First and Second Trimester Classes
(Saturday mornings 09:00 - 12:00)

Healthy diet during pregnancy - what foods to eat, what to avoid and supplements

Early pregnancy issues - morning sickness, exercise and activity guidelines, signs to look out for

Pregnancy massage - tips for you and your partner to relax and de-stress during pregnancy

Third Trimester Classes
(Saturday mornings 09:00 - 12:00)
What to expect during Labour - a step-by-step guide to the labour process.

When is the right time? - When should you go to hospital?

Pain relief choices - exploring the various methods of pain relief available including natural remedies and relaxation techniques.

Making the day special - helping expectant Moms to create a birth plan that includes everything they need to feel safe and secure. Things like music, aromatherapy, use of water, partner support.

What if? - everything is planned but the baby comes sooner. We'll explore dealing with the unexpected and looking at the state-of-the-art facilities for babies.

After the birth

“For all new parents, there is a terrifying moment after the birth when they think “What do I do now?” We are here to provide that support with advice on everything from breastfeeding, nappy changing, sleep routines and how to relax and enjoy your baby.” advises Sister Chantal Huggins

Support after the birth of your child is as important as ante-natal care. At EHHC, we like to provide our new Mothers with all of the information they need to leave the hospital feeling confident and ready to meet the challenges of parenthood. Support for new Moms extends to home visits if needed and further classes on child care issues such as First Aid and CPR for infants, courses on milestones and what they mean to your child. Sometimes knowing that expert advice is just a phone call away, provides the reassurance that new Moms need.

Expectant Moms who are interested in joining any of our classes should contact Sister Huggins on 079 515 6058 for further information and registration details.

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