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An entire floor of the hospital is dedicated to a Cardiac Centre of Excellence. In a highly sophisticated and hi-tech environment.
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An entire floor of the hospital is dedicated to a Cardiac Centre of Excellence. In a highly sophisticated and hi-tech environment.

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International Nurses’ Day, 12 May 2014

A nurse provides emotional and physical care to the sick and disabled, they enter our lives from the moment we are born to the very last moment of most of our lives. Nursing is a profession which requires real commitment and selfless hard work. This profession also requires a lot of love, passion and perseverance than most other jobs do. Every year, May 12th is observed as International Nurses’ Day to honor the commitment and selfless hard work of the nursing community, and Ethekwini Hospital & Heart Centre is no less as they lavishly honored their nurses with a fitting celebration on this special day.

Inspiring Words by: EN Sanele Mbatha - Cardiac Ward 2

“A nurse is somebody who does so much but expects so little,
so much to do yet so little time, spends so much time working yet so little time resting,
So much time with patients yet little time with family,
Have so much responsibility yet such little authority.
Experiences the joy to see life begin and the pain to see it end.
A nurse will carry so much pain, yet bring so much joy to the soul she’s touched.
A nurse will have her own tears of hurt and disappointment, yet mean tears of joy to others.
Our job is never to delay death, but to add the quality of life.

Some patients will make you laugh and smile, while others will make you cry,
and then you have those patients that remember you for a life time.
While you sincerely try and the nation, some people will make you feel so small as if you’re on the wrong profession. At times you will be blamed as if you are the cause of a problem, meanwhile you only trying to be part of the solution. My personal confession is I really don’t know what nurses would be without toilets, cause that’s where we’ve sat, found comfort after crying and regained our inspiration. Nursing is so much more than giving a bed pan, or making beds and changing diapers.
I know when God looks at you he sees an angel, because of your warm hands that has held the dying and made everything okay.
An angel because of you’ll bright smile that makes a very dark world seem bright.
An angel because of you’ll ability to nurse strangers as if they were family.
If you treat a disease you will either win or lose, but if you treat a person, I guarantee you a one way win even if death is the outcome.
A true nurse will know the most powerful drug that brings total healing is Love, Love is the only drug with no side effects, it needs no prescription nor do you have to wait for the porter to bring it up from pharmacy.

Love is a drug that you start commencing it from the heart.
Love takes away so much pain, better than Pethedine and Morphine,
stabilizes Blood Pressure better than Nitrocine, even when Love is overdosed by a patient, not even a 1000mls of Saline can flush it away.
So let’s start administering this powerful drug called LOVE.”

Inspiring Words by Sherwin Peter – Ward Administrator - Casualty

The truck smashed into my car: The Horror
Spinning around in the pouring rain, screaming;
Thinking of my children, praying –
BANG! It crashed into a tree.
I could see only blood on my hands, fearful;
waiting for this pain to end, tearful
that my road to life was over;
Terrified, Death would soon open my door.

Then my eyes opened, to faces of absolute beauty;
to soft hands, gracing my soul to safety.
Nurses, they are called-doing a job!
For me, it was restoration of my life –
Being pulled from darkness into light.
And how blessed are these Nurses,
to regard their everyday miracles –
To be just part of their jobs!
For the Honor of our Nurses…

Message from the Nursing Service Manager: Mrs Indeera Ramphal

“Nursing is a difficult, challenging and sometime thankless profession. Great nurses like you deserve appreciation. You are not just a nurse, you are a friend, caretaker and guide too. You have given so much in your kind and caring way. My warmest wishes to ALL nurses for a Happy Nurses Day!”

Message from the General Manager: Mr Niresh Bechan

“At EHHC our nurses are our angels who touch lives of others daily by their commitment to their duties and their selfless hard work. On behalf of the Board of Directors and our Management Teams, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to each nurse, individually for your valuable commitment to our hospital. Whilst we recognize you on this special Nurses’ Day, you are important to us every day. Our pledge is to respect you and we promise to take care of you always. Thank you once again to ALL our nurses for everything you do and for all your hard work.”

Message from the HR Manager: Ms Bhavani Jeena

“The job of nurses involves a lot of patience and tolerance as they have to deal with a number of diseases and different patients every day. They are also required to see the patients’ health, day and night, monitoring their progress and recovery. The nurse also helps to maintain the emotional well being of the patient by taking care of them with respect and care. They are usually more committed to the health of their patients than their own and this tireless effort has to be recognized, appreciated and acknowledged. Thank you to all our nurses for all that you do and a Happy Nurses’ Day to you!”

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